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Jill Cucci is a mixed-media artist living in Philadelphia, PA.

She began her career in textiles and weaving and evolved while receiving her MAT from the University of The Arts, mixing painting, fibers, and encaustic. 

Jill understands the power art has to inspire and transform, and therefore is committed to the idea that fine art should be accessible to all.

Documenting the beauty of life is at the core of Jill's artistic vision. Through her mixed media works, she captures the essence of fleeting moments, revealing the hidden magic in everyday existence. Her art serves as a testament to the profound connections we can forge with the world around us.

Mixed-Media has always provided Jill with a welcomed opportunity to challenge, change, and interpret her voice. Jill's mission is to bring fine art into the public sphere in an accessible way. She believes that fine art should be available to everyone, transcending barriers and enriching lives. Through her work, she strives to ignite a sense of wonder and provoke contemplation, inviting viewers from all walks of life to engage with art on a personal and meaningful level.

When considering a commission, Jill offers a diverse range of sizes, ensuring accessibility for any context, be it personal or decorative. The individualized piece fosters a profound connection between the audience and the artwork, granting people the opportunity to engage with and relish art in their daily lives. Having an exclusive piece of art will create a relatable and meaningful environment for both living and working.


tel. 609-408-0797

Philadelphia based

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